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I am a coloured pencil artist based in the lovely market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire. As a child I would spend hours drawing and painting and doing all things creative.

My passion for art was re-ignited after years of forgetting how much I enjoyed this past time.

I discovered the humble coloured pencil and have been thrown into a whole new world that I never knew even existed! Coloured pencil is a very slow medium but the detail  and textures that can be achieved have got me hooked!


I am self taught and am passionate to keep growing and enhancing the skills and techniques I have learnt. Commissions are welcome and don't necessarily have to be of a domestic pet, maybe you have a favourite picture of a deer or cow! Maybe  a zebra or lion  you saw on safari or at a zoo! 

I am open to all! When I am not busy with pet commissions I love to draw wildlife art and offer originals and giclee prints for sale

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